Atria Material Bank Terms and Conditions of Use

Copyright ©2008 Atria Suomi Oy. All rights reserved.

Atria Material Bank and Approval Process Tool Service:

1. Atria Oyj's Rights and Responsibilities

The contents of the service are the property of Atria Oyj (hereinafter 'Company'). The Atria Material Bank service is protected by copyright (Copyright ©Atria Oyj). All rights are reserved worldwide.

The Atria brand and all other Company brands (whether they are mentioned in Company's Web service or not) are Company's trademarks.

Company grants the user access to the Atria Material Bank service provided that the user accepts the following conditions and principles.

Atria Material Bank services are provided on an 'as is' basis. Company shall not guarantee that there are no viruses or other harmful components in its services or on the server providing the service.

Company has the right to modify its Material Bank service or prevent access thereto at any given time.

Company shall not in any way be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, secondary, special or punitive damages, losses, expenses or loss of profits related to the browsing or use of the Atria Material Bank service or any site linked thereto, or inability to access the contents of the service, or use or attempted use of the service, or a malfunction, interruption, defect, error or delay in the use or transmission of the service, or a computer virus, or a line or system failure, even if Company or its representatives are informed of such damages, losses or expenses.

2. User Rights and Responsibilities

2.1. User IDs and Access Rights

User IDs to Atria Material Bank are issued by Company or one of its subsidiaries. User IDs are personal and must not be forwarded to another user. Using the material contained in the Material Bank is subject to the permission of Company or one of its subsidiaries. The Approval Process tool is used to produce the art work. The approved final art work files are documented in Atria Material Bank. The service is primarily used for packaging materials but can be used for other materials involving art work design.

Registered external users have the access right to Approval Process tool only. Registered internal users have the access right to both Approval Process tool and Atria Material Bank. Data from Atria Material Bank is transferred to external users via Download Carts by internal users when required.

2.2. Unauthorised Use and Consequences

Illegal use of copyrighted material shall lead to liability to pay for any damage caused by such use.

The reproduction or modification of the contents of the Atria Material Bank service, including but not limited to copying, transmission, distribution or storage, is permitted with the prior written consent of Company. However, the user does not have the right to modify the trademarks, logos or other brands registered by Company unless clearly commisioned as an design assignment in Approval Process tool.

Any disputes arising out of the Atria Material Bank service shall be settled in the Helsinki District Court in accordance with Finnish legislation.

2.3 Validity, termination and cancellation of Conditions of Use

The access right will take effect as soon as the user has accepted the conditions of use and the registration is approved by the Company. The access right will remain valid until further notice unless contracted otherwise. Company can terminate the access right with 14 days' notice. The Customer can terminate the access right with 14 days' notice. The period of notice is calculated from the date of the related notification. The user can terminate the access right and the related conditions of use by using the feedback form.

Company has the right to cancel the user's access right without notice if the material is used in violation of these Conditions of Use, the law or good practice, enters false information in the system or uses or tries to use the system in a manner that endangers their functionality or data security arrangements.

2.4 Monitoring the Use of the Databank

All traffic in Atria Material Bank service including the Approval Process tool is recorded in a log.

The log provides information on
- the number of users of the service,
- what materials have/have not been used,
- when the service has been used.

2.5 Contact information

If you have any comments or questions related to the service, please contact